Guitar, clock and wallpaper with airplanes

My dear friends!

It’s time to present to you the new album which is next after «A Dog Year» and instrumental «Minimalism». It’s called «Guitar, clock ’n’ wallpaper with airplanes», were being recording since 2006 to 2008. There’re tracks in it which were performed live before so you can recognize them.

The album’s name appeared long time ago with an idea of creation. I’ve planned to create something like a «childhood» in these fun and cheerful songs, ‘cause it’s the way I can complete my minor and lyrical album «A Dog Year». But the result isn’t the same I wanted; some «adult» songs are also included. But I hope the album became only better with’em.

It seems to me that the album’s like a blanket — so bright, soft and variegated. The songs in it differ by genres, styles, moods, but I tried to connect between each other for to get a whole union and now I hope they will warm you during no matter that kind of weather, share warm emotions and feelings with you, give a motive of thinking about important things. Be healthy and feel the warmth!


Author: Ilya Orlov. Thanks and credits
Design: Alexandra "Red_Crow"
St. Petersburg — Vilnius, 2008