Guitar, clock and wallpaper with airplanes


For your convenience since 2017 "Wallpaper with airplanes" is available in digital stores: iTunes and Youtube Music.


The album can be copied and distributed freely in a digital form. If you upload it on another web-site, please keep ID3-tags and make a link to or

Selling copies of this album and using the tracks for the commercial purposes without permission is forbidden.

By one archived file

Archive ZIP (66,7 Mb)

By tracks

  1. Childish (5.88 MB)
  2. Black-tailed red doggy (5.10 MB)
  3. Letter I (5.96 MB)
  4. Two cats (5.32 MB)
  5. Somewhere there (6.75 MB)
  6. Birds in the whiteness (9.80 MB)
  7. City (7.51 MB)
  8. Inspiration (2.80 MB)
  9. Life (11.6 MB)
  10. Sky (6.27 MB)

All songs are in MP3 256 kbps.

Author: Ilya Orlov. Thanks and credits
Design: Alexandra "Red_Crow"
St. Petersburg — Vilnius, 2008